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About Us

Tony Fennell and Jon Stone’s over 50+ years combined experience in music – on stage, in the studio, in the back office – makes Music Minds the perfect podcast to not just hear great stories, but also get access to unique, first-hand accounts from the real, rough-and-tumble, gritty world of the modern music business.    

Our Story

Jon and Tony consider themselves extremely fortunate to have been able to carve out lifelong careers in one of the toughest businesses in the world, and the goal of this podcast is to share some of our experiences – along with those of our esteemed guests – with other people inside and outside of the business. We’ve done a few things right in our careers – and plenty wrong! – and some things you just need to hear for yourselves direct from the horse’s mouths! From writing and producing songs to touring and performing, to making deals for your music and the catalogs you work with, everything will be on the table as we talk shop about the work we’ve done, and delve into current topics in the music business and beyond. And each week we will bring in some amazing talents to talk about their work – past, present, and future. If you are looking to make your way in this business, or are just a fan who wants to learn more about how songs go from half-an-idea to a #1 hit, this is the place for you.    

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